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Shalmont Central School District
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Code of Conduct plain Language Summary

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This summary of the Schalmont Central School District Code of Conduct has been developed as required by the New York State SAVE Act for distribution to parents prior to the beginning of the school year.
Information on the Code of Conduct will also be shared with students at the beginning of the school year. A complete copy of the Code of Conduct is available upon request by contacting your child's school principal.

The Code of Conduct has been adopted by the district's Board of Education and submitted to the New York State Education Department as required by law. The Code of Conduct applies to all students, school personnel, parents, and other visitors when on school property—including school buses and other school-owned vehicles—or when attending a school-sponsored function.

The Code of Conduct contains the following provisions:

  • Role of teachers, administrators, other school personnel, the Board of Education, and parents.
  • Appropriate conduct, dress, and language when on school property, including a school function.
  • Acceptable civil and respectful treatment of teachers, administrators, other school personnel, students, and visitors on school property or at a school function.
  • Appropriate range of disciplinary procedures that may be imposed for violations of the Code of Conduct.
    Standards and procedures to ensure the security and safety of students and school personnel.
  • Provisions for the removal of students from the classroom and/or school property (including school functions) or other persons who violate the Code of Conduct.
  • Disciplinary measures for the possession or use of illegal substances or weapons, the use of physical force, vandalism, violation of another student's civil rights, and threats of violence.
  • Provisions for detention, suspension, and removal from the classroom of students, including plans to ensure continued educational programming and activities for such students.
  • Procedures by which violations are reported and determined, discipline measures imposed, and such measures carried out.
  • Provisions which ensure that enforcement of the Code of Conduct are in compliance with state and federal laws relating to students and disabilities.
  • Procedures for notifying local law enforcement agencies of Code of Conduct violations which constitute a crime.
  • Procedures related to student searches and interrogations.
  • Provisions and procedures by which a complaint in criminal court, juvenile delinquency petition, or person in need of supervision petition as defined in article three and seven of the Family Court Act will be filed.
  • A minimum suspension period for students who repeatedly are substantially disruptive to the educational process or substantially interfere with the teacher's authority over the classroom, provided that the suspending authority may reduce such period on a case-by-case basis to be consistent with any other state or federal laws.
  • The Code of Conduct was developed in collaboration with students, teachers, administrators, parent organizations, school safety personnel, and other school personnel and was approved by the Board of Education. The Code of Conduct shall be reviewed and updated annually and re-approved by the Board only after at least one public meeting.

The Code of Conduct was filed with the Commissioner of Education within 30 days after its adoption.