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Board sets scope for capital project

Sept. 27, 2016

The Schalmont Board of Education, at the Sept. 26 meeting, finalized the scope of a $13,853,500 capital project to be put up for a vote by residents on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

This decision comes after more than a year and a half of studying facility needs for the district, which included getting feedback from the facilities committee, reviewing reports, gathering information, and weighing options.
The capital bond project scope includes creating a safer vestibule and entrance in the high school, HVAC work, plumbing, flooring and basic maintenance in all three buildings, including new, energy-efficient window installation, resurfacing the track, and replacing the roof on the transportation building.

“Many parts of a facility are good only for so long, then wear and tear comes into play as they near the end of their useful life,� Schalmont Superintendent Carol Pallas said. “Funding repairs through the general budget only allows for small-scale upkeep. It doesn’t give us the funding or means to do larger-scale projects.�

The majority of the project is “aidable,� meaning the district would receive money back from the state on a portion of the work, estimated at about half the cost of the project.

The local taxpayer portion of the project is estimated at about $5.5 million. The estimated tax impact for residents is $32,000, or a one-time 0.1 percent increase on the levy.

Residents will vote whether to authorize the district to spend up to $13,853,500 on a capital project from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 14 in the Schalmont High School New Gym  Lobby, 1 Sabre Drive, Schenectady.

Below is a detailed breakout of the scope of the project and related costs. Please note that costs are projected estimates. If residents approve the referendum, the district would then solicit bids for actual project work.


Transportation Building 100

Project estimate: $3,446,000

Reconstruct the roofing, roof decking, and parapet, which are beyond their useful life, and replace the clerestory windows.

Bus Repair Garage

Project estimate: $64,000

Emergency and exit lighting would be installed to bring the building up to code, as well as some repairs made to deteriorating masonry.

Jefferson Elementary

Project estimate: $680,000

Add heat to end rooms, fix temperature controls, replace (and add where needed) emergency and exit lights, fix pavement and sidewalks, repair wall, foundation, and flooring, add a power in lighting panel for more adequate power distribution, and fill hallows in the slab. Fire alarm strobe units would also be added to bring the building up to code.

The Middle School/High School Complex

Project estimate: $7,682,500

Ventilate crawlspace, add emergency and exit lights, fill slab voids, provide a steel frame for the roof drains, and remove and cap chimney. Repair roofing, flooring (including the old high school gym), the catch basin drainage, wall leaks, and the foundation wall. Reconstruct restrooms, exterior and interior masonry and floor span over the stream. Replace the main transformer, gate valves, galvanized drainage piping, air handlers, exhaust fans, basement duct work, unit ventilators, pneumatic controls, and domestic water piping. Replace 50-year old windows in school buildings with newer, more energy-efficient windows and insulation.

Secure Vestibule Entrance, Office Centralization, Learning Commons

Project estimate: $1,800,000

Build a secure vestibule with two sets of doors. Relocate the main office, guidance, nurse, psychologists and social worker offices to the new entrance area, which is the current library. Relocate existing library to current main office area. Create a multi-purpose Learning Commons area. [Learn more about this part of the project]

Track Resurfacing

Project estimate: $181,000

Track is beyond 10-year expected lifespan.

Residents will vote whether to authorize the district to spend up to $13,853,500 on a capital project from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 14 in the Schalmont High School New Gym  Lobby, 1 Sabre Drive, Schenectady.