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"Where the sounds of learning grow through the music we make!"

The Schalmont Music Department hopes to provide for each student an eclectic look at the world of music. Our goal is to maintain a strong music program for students from kindergarten through the 12th grade. We offer a wide variety of experiences throughout student's academic years and constantly challenge students to go beyond the written musical note.

The language of music is taught in all music classes as well as in all performing groups. Our curriculum is aligned with New York State learning standards, and students have many opportunities to perform, listen and create music throughout their years at Schalmont. As a faculty, we understand the importance of a K-12 curriculum because we see the value of our youngest musicians developing into many of our top musicians at the high school level.

Studies have proven the importance of music in a child's life. New research on the brain shows that music is not only fun, but it also improves brain development and enhances skills in other subjects such as reading and writing. Our music staff is committed to offering excellent instructional experiences to enhance our future musicians.

We are very proud of our performing groups at Schalmont, so we invite community members to join us for the many concerts, plays and performances held throughout the school year.

Congratulations to new Music Honor Society members!

More than two dozen Schalmont students were recently inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Read more about the Music Honor Society.


Music in Schalmont

Music education is an integral part of children's education. It provides an avenue for children to express themselves and their emotions in a way that only music can. Music enforces a higher level of thinking and reasoning that improves children's capacity to learn and comprehend. Because of having music education, children will lead better-rounded lives.

Grades K-4 Music Program Overview

At Jefferson Elementary School, children in grades 1- 3 have music class for 30 minutes twice a week. At the kindergarten level, they have music once a week. Children learn the language of music through the playing of Orff instruments, recorders (beginning in 3rd grade), active movement, and singing songs using proper vocal techniques. One can walk into any of the music rooms at Jefferson and see children engaged in the wonder of music-making. We, as a Schalmont music staff, believe it is vital at this level that children are actively participating in the art of music.

Throughout the school year, there are various opportunities for the children to perform within their own building and in the community.

Each grade level starting with the kindergartners have at least one performance during the school year.

Performance Group

  • 4th Grade Chorus: This chorus is made up of all of the fourth graders ready to sing their hearts out with the love of music. This group meets once a week during the school day. The members have a lot of fun and enjoy performing for their family and friends.

Middle School Music Program Overview

The middle school program provides many opportunities for the individual growth of each student. It is focused on offering experiences to young people that will result in their finding joy and excitement in the creative art of music. The emphasis of the program is placed on active participation in playing instruments, singing, acting and creating new written music.

  • All fifth-graders participate in music class and chorus--both meet once a week for 45 minutes each.
  • General music is given to students in the 6th and 7th grades in a 10-week block, every day. General music is given to all 8th-grade students in a 20-week block, every other day. Within these blocks, emphasis is placed in different areas at the different grade levels.
  • At the 6th-grade level, students work on using their vocal singing properly, playing recorders, working with the keyboards in the classroom, and developing further the language of music.
  • At the 7th-grade level, a continuation of this occurs along with writing and creating music.
  • At the 8th-grade level, students continue their knowledge of music and gain a further understanding of its workings by looking into the history of music, from ancient times all the way through modern rock-n-roll.

Performance Groups

Along with general music, there are various performing groups in which over 400 students of the Middle School participate. The instrumental and choral performing groups give the students a chance to perform in a concert at least three times throughout the school year.

  • The groups in the Middle School are: 5th Grade Chorus, 5th Grade Band, 6th Grade Chorus, 6th Grade Band, 7th Grade Chorus, 7th Grade Band, 8th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Band, Jazz Band, and a group called Nothing But Treble. There is also a sixth- through eighth-grade Middle School Talent Show held every year as well.

Schalmont High School Music Program Overview

The Schalmont High School Music Department is filled with students who are hard workers and who enjoy working together.

Performance Groups

At the high school level, we have four performing groups that meet every day, for one class period:

  • HS Chorus
  • Concert Choir (acceptance into this group is by audition in the spring)
  • HS Concert Band
  • Wind Ensemble (acceptance into this group is by audition in the spring)

Each student involved in the instrumental program receives a lesson once a week from the band director. All students in the Concert Choir receive a group vocal lesson once a week, placed in their schedule. Along with these performing groups, we also offer a Music Theory course that is college accredited through the University of Albany.

Our Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble groups take part in the NYSSMA Majors competition in the spring, and many of our HS students participate in the NYSSMA solo competitions in the spring as well. A number of our students also participate in the Area All-State and All-State performances held each year. Each of our performing groups perform in four concerts a year, along with other performances in the community.

We also have a chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society (chapter #3828) at the school. We are very proud of our honor students and always look forward to what they will do next for the school and/or community.

Throughout the year, our students are recognized in various activities in the community, two of them being ESYO (Empire State Youth Orchestra) and singing in the Melodies of Christmas concert at Proctor's Theater.

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Michael Christy
Music Coordinator
(518) 355-6255

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