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energy conservation

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district officials are presented with an energy awardIn November 2011, district officials were presented with Energy Education's prestigious Energy Pacesetter Award, which recognizes organizations that are "setting the pace" in energy savings for others.

Despite rising fuel costs and an economic downturn, the Schalmont Central School District is saving money on its monthly energy bills.

In 2008, the district contracted with Energy Education, Inc. (EEI), a nationally recognized energy management and consulting firm, to implement a comprehensive energy conservation program.
Since its inception, the program has helped change old habits and increase awareness amongst staff and students about the importance of energy efficiency. Energy costs have been successfully reduced through ongoing daily evaluation of energy needs in the district and the implementation of energy efficient cooling/heating schedules and shutdown schedules for weekends/holidays in Schalmont schools. In addition, the Bond 2007 capital project has replaced 52-year-old single pane windows, steam boilers and heating and ventilation systems with more efficient models.

Since 2008 the program has generated a 1.8 million reduction in district wide energy expenses. On going H&C (heating and cooling) improvements along with new window shades and now LED lighting have helped reduce the energy consumed through out the district.

Theresa McCreadie serves as both the energy specialist and the network administrator for the district. She received intensive training on conducting energy audits and motivating staff and students to adopt good energy habits. She continues to educate staff and students about effective energy use; review and update district energy policies and examine district boilers, exterior lighting and water use.

The district's goal is to eventually receive the prestigious Energy Star label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Want to save energy at home?

GreenQuest is a free, online, money-saving service for Schalmont residents. It allows users to discover money- and environment-saving ideas by analyzing their energy and water bills. Visit GreenQuest to compare your expenses with other similar users in your area, spot costly utility bill errors and get and accurate carbon footprint and more!

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Theresa McCreadie
Energy Specialist
(518) 355-9200, ext. 3399