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technology intergration

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Highlighting best practices, ideas and Tips in our classrooms

Check out some of the great ways technology is being used in and out of the classrooms at Schalmont. This page will be updated regularly showcase the innovations taking place in our district.

By John George,  Technology Integration TOSA - Schalmont Central Schools


Dec. 5, 2016

Online Video Quiz

LuAnn DuxburyMiddle School Featured Teacher: LuAnn Duxbury

sample online quizThis week’s integration idea comes from 7th grade science teacher, LuAnn Duxbury, who has developed a formative assessment she calls “Video Quizzes.� After discovering a highly engaging 3D-style cell YouTube video, she developed a self-grading, “fill-in the blank� Schoology quiz to go along with it. Students watch the video and have a week to complete the online, formative video quiz. They can take it as many times as they’d like in an effort to get all the answers correct.

How it helped student success:  “The video is very colorful and visually intense--and it presents cells in such a compelling, engaging way, it would be difficult for me to match it at the front of the classroom. Many of a cell’s processes are difficult to visualize, and this video makes it easier to understand and remember.â€� -- LuAnn

How it helped the teacher: “I basically count it as a large “homework� assignment and I love the way they can complete it independently at home, here at the middle school library, or on a chromebook. Also, there are no papers to collect, they can’t lose it, and Schoology sends the grades directly to each student.� -- LuAnn

Words from the students: “I HAD to get the full 55 points, so I stayed afterschool with my teacher and worked on the quiz and I finally figured out what all the right answers were.â€�  --Coby Brassard

Applicable Technologies: Schoology & Youtube
Level of Difficulty/S.A.M.R. Level: Moderate Difficulty/Augmentation
Contact for more information:  &

Google Slide Project

Michelle FreemanHigh School Featured Teacher: Michelle Freeman

High School Living Environment teacher, Michelle Freeman, created a research project for her 10th graders who were studying a unit on Ecology. They were provided a doc explaining the parameters of the project and asked to use Google Slides to develop a research presentation in one week. They were given some initial class time, but completed most of it outside of class in the “shared� Google slide deck.

google slide sampleHow it helped student success: “This was my first time doing anything like this, but the students seemed to really like it. In particular, they commented about not having to get poster board, markers and such, and in fact loved how they could do their research on the the chromebook and then transfer their research directly to their slides. They also enjoyed being able to work in a shared google world from their homes...and not have to wait till school or get together on the weekend. I did not require them to present, but some groups were so excited about their presentation, they asked if they could anyway. � -- Michelle

How it helped the teacher: “I also benefited from the “one-stop shop� aspect of Schoology and Google working together-- having the directions, their submitted presentations , the rubric and connected gradebook all in one place. It did take some time to create the rubric (above), but next year I can roll this out to my new students with little or no work. In terms of integration, I assigned just one student in each group to be in charge of submitting the slide deck. I also took the time to teach them some presentation etiquette, pointing out how too many spinning graphics and “fly in� notes detract from a presentation’s impact. Now, they have the fundamentals for future presentations. -- Michelle

Applicable Technologies: Schoology & Google
Level of Difficulty/S.A.M.R. Level: Moderate Difficulty/Modification
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