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Pipe repair work over the weekend

 Feb. 26, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday morning during routine maintenance, our custodial crew noticed a wet spot on a ceiling tile in the middle of the hallway near the 1974 wing. When the tile was removed, they found a leak at an elbow connection that contained asbestos.

Environmental Remediation Services Incorporated (ERSI) was immediately called in to abate the area. After the abatement was completed, engineering firm Eisenbach and  Ruhnke came perform an air quality test.

We received word at 6 p.m. Saturday night that the engineers certified the air meets quality standards per the Air Sampling Analysis Report. As a result, a plumbing company was able to fix the leak on Sunday morning.

There were no students in the building during this time, and the leak is now resolved.

Many thanks to Schalmont’s building and maintenance team for following protocol and taking swift action to ensure that our school is safe for students and staff.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Jefferson tomorrow morning.



Joby Gifford