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Jefferson Newsletter

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March 2017

From the Principal

Dear Jefferson families,

I hope each of you had an enjoyable February break. As I write this newsletter, the current temperature is 73 degrees and I am looking forward to the arrival of Spring. I am hopeful that the current weather is not just a tease and Punxsutawney Phil got his prediction wrong.

Regardless of the weather, the writing of this newsletter is bittersweet as I need to share that I will be leaving Jefferson in the coming weeks. I will be leaving to become the Pinewood Elementary principal in our neighboring Mohonasen School District. This is an exciting opportunity for me and my family, but comes with some regrets as well as I have had the pleasure of serving as Assistant Principal at Jefferson for the last 7 ½ years. I have made connections to families and watched multiple siblings enter and leave Jefferson during my tenure in the district. When I arrived at Jefferson, we still had 5th grade in our building. That 5th grade class will be graduating this year. I have very high aspirations for each of those students, as well as each one that will follow. Looking back at my time at Jefferson, I want to thank each of you for your participation in your child’s lives. These connections are evident in the children that we have the pleasure to serve each day. As I prepare to leave my position, I would like to extend an invitation to every family to join me on March 8th at 6:00 pm for some free popcorn as we enjoy the Dinosaurs Rock! Performance.

Looking ahead at the month of March, we have a number of important events that will be happening including Dinosaurs Rock on March 8th, Kindergarten registration on March 21st, our March 23rd movie night, and the New York State ELA exams which will begin on March 28th.

While it is a busy month, March also provides the perfect opportunity to see large academic gains as all of the foundational work of the months before begin to become second nature. In tandem with this prior work, it also provides minimal days off from school so students have the opportunity to solidify their understandings and apply them with consistency over time. I am looking forward to seeing students make tremendous gains in the coming days and student report cards will be distributed on March 23rd.

In addition, I would like to extend a Jefferson welcome to John Mrazik who has joined us as a full time security monitor.

With Jefferson pride,

Mr. Thompson

Dates to Remember

Mar. 2- Preschool Story Hour, 9:30am

Mar. 8- Dinosaurs Rock! 6:30pm

Mar. 9- Preschool Story Hour, 9:30am

Mar. 12- Daylight Saving Time Begins

Mar. 13- Board of Education Meeting, 7pm.

Mar. 14- Jefferson PTO Meeting, 6:30pm

Mar. 16- Preschool Story Hour, 9:30am

Mar. 21- Kindergarten Registration, 6:30pm

Mar. 23- Preschool Story Hour, 9:30am, K-4 2nd Trimester report cards issued, -Jefferson Movie Night, 6pm, -Friends of Music Meeting, 7pm

Mar. 24- Staff Development Day NO SCHOOL

Mar. 27- Board of Education Meeting, 7pm.

Mar. 28- NYS ELA Exams Grade 3-8  through 3/30

Mar. 30-Preschool Story Hour, 9:30am

Notes from the Health Office

  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks
  • Play outside for 30 minutes everyday
  • Get 10 hours of sleep each night

News from the P.E. Dept.

More and more students are coming to PE class unprepared, and it has become a problem. Remember, the first step to success in PE is dressing appropriately.

Wear your sneakers and comfortable clothing!

2017-2018 Kindergarten Registration

Jefferson Elementary School is having an Orientation Presentation for the parents of our Kindergarten Class of 2017-2018.

It will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 6:30 PM, at Jefferson School. In order to ensure you receive the paperwork necessary to pre-register your child, parents of eligible children are asked to contact the school at 355-1342 ext 5080.

Downloadable registration packets can be found on our school website via the following link:

Art Department News

As always, a new month brings new art projects! The kindergarten classes will be working on large interactive Keith Haring paintings. Together they will come up with poses, trace their peers, and collectively paint their life-size Keith Haring paintings! The first grade classes will be reading 'When an Elephant Falls in Love' by Davide Cali, and creating a drawing focusing on line and pattern. The second grade classes will be finishing up their Pablo Picasso portraits, and moving on to a group or family portrait. Students will focus on line, shape, and overlapping. The third grade will be focusing on Cubism as they create a painting based on Pablo Picasso's work. The fourth grade class will be exploring tints, shades, and values. Individually, they will mix their own paint to create a large feather illustrating their value scale. Collaboratively, they will be creating a large bird that will be done just in time to welcome spring!

Music Department News

The second grade students did an outstanding job at their February performance, “Folk Songs, Farm Songs & Fun!” They sang 11 songs, including a partner song, a round and a 2 part song. Not only did they sing beautifully, their behavior was excellent! They should be very proud of themselves!

The first grade students are now beginning to prepare for their concert. They will be performing “Go Fish” at 7PM on April 26th in the high school auditorium.

We are thrilled to have Elizabeth Borkowski join the music department! She starts her mornings in the middle school, travels here to teach 4th grade and 2 sections of kindergarten and then heads back up for more middle school every day. Welcome, Mrs. Borkowski!

As we head into music in our school months, students in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade will begin learning songs from our song list and filling up their sticker chart. When we have learned all of our songs and our chart is full, each student will choose a prize out of the music treasure box!

Dinosaurs Rock

Recheduled for Wednesday, March 8.
Doors open at 6:00pm
Show starts at 6:30pm
In the Jefferson Play Area
Please enjoy FREE popcorn as we say goodbye to Mr. Thompson