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Schalmont student art


Children need much more than the core subject areas and basic academic reading and writing skills. The visual arts also play a vital role in a child's education.

In the Schalmont Central School District, the K-12 Art Department provides a multitude of opportunities for children to be creative and express themselves through different kinds of art medium. Classroom experiences in the visual arts enable students to create new knowledge through visual form and become more well-rounded individuals during their school years and beyond.

Art in Schalmont

Grades 1-5

Students in grades one through five will be introduced to various materials that will enable the student to actively engage in the creative process in producing art. Students also will be introduced to a range of artists, from the masters to contemporary artists of today, allowing the students to become familiar with art history, art movements, and art criticism. This will provide a basis for a strong foundation and love of the arts.

Younger students are taught the building blocks of art. Lessons are based upon the New York State visual art standards and often encompass multidisciplinary and multicultural elements. Students are able to learn artistic techniques through hands-on experimentation. These elements mixed with the natural creativity of primary students leads to beautiful and successful projects.

Middle School Art Curriculum

Ten weeks each year of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

Each consecutive year reinforces/refines prior studio art experience. Students use a wide variety of materials to create two and three dimensional projects with constant reference to examination and understanding of the elements and principles of design.

Students are regularly exposed to works of both historical and contemporary artists, art movements and ideas, and how the work they do in the classroom relates (has relevance) to the larger art world of ideas and images. 

High School Art

At Schalmont High School, courses are available for students with an interest in majoring in art, as well as for those students desiring to take one or two introductory courses in the field.

New York State Visual Arts Standards

Standard 1

Students will make works of art that explore different kinds of subject matter, topics, themes and metaphors. Students will understand and use sensory elements, organizational principles, and expressive images to communicate their own ideas in works of processes mediums, and techniques, and use appropriate technologies for creating and exhibiting visual art works.

Standard 2

Students will know and use a variety of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes. Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts in the community (exhibitions, libraries, museums, galleries) and use appropriate materials (art reproductions, slides, print materials, electronic media). Students will be aware of vocational options available in the visual arts.

Standard 3

Students will reflect on, interpret, and evaluate works of art, using the language of art criticism. Students will analyze the visual characteristics of the natural and built environment and explain the social, cultural, psychological, and environmental dimensions of the visual arts. Students will compare the ways in which a variety of ideas, themes, and concepts are expressed through the visual arts with the ways they are expressed in other disciplines.

Standard 4

Students will explore art and artifacts from various historical periods and world cultures to discover the roles that art plays in the lives of people of a given time and place and to understand how the time and place influence the visual characteristics of the art work. Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural and environmental dimensions of human society