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One-to-one technology

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 One-to-One Chromebook Initiative

Technology vision statement

"We will strive to provide educational opportunities that will engage every student and build capacity in order to prepare students with the necessary 21st century competencies to compete and excel in a complex, evolving, and interconnect world."

Chromebook Initiative

Student with new ChromebookAs part of the ongoing district-wide, long-term technology plan, Schalmont Central School District introduced a one-to-one initiative for incoming freshman students, starting in the 2015-16 school year.

The goal of this one-to-one instructional platform is to help students strengthen their 21st Century skills and present them with a transformational learning experience that provides students with 24/7 access to learning.

Each student in the incoming Freshmen class each year will receive a Chromebook for school and continued home use.

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs off Google’s web-based Chrome operating system and allows students to store and access information on the cloud (free digital storage space accessible from any Internet connection). These laptops also incorporate some of the best features of Google such as email, calendar and Docs, which will provide greater ease and ability for communication and collaboration with other students and also between students and staff.

This initiative aims to extend beyond providing a solid knowledge of the latest hardware, software and applications. As part of this program, we hope to strengthen students’ understanding of good digital citizenship and bring awareness to the digital footprint they create with every email, post, and photo that they share. Working in a one-to-one environment with supervision from staff, students will learn how that footprint can impact them for decades to come, and, hopefully, become more mindful of their interactions in a digital world.

District-Wide Technology Committee and Technology Plan

In February 2013, a District-Wide Technology Committee was created to review the district’s existing technology plan, research requirements to support next generation, computer-based assessments and design a technological framework around the educational shifts associated with the state’s new learning standards. The full rationale, curriculum scope and sequence can be found in the district's long-range technology plan.

Part of the recommendations from this group was to initiate a number of changes related to technology beginning in the High School. In the spring of 2014, the Committee proposed the creation of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, which the Board of Education approved. This policy allows students to bring their own electronic devices to the high school. We also have created a wireless network for students to access the Internet on our network with those devices. This network is filtered in the same way as our own school computers are filtered.

The introduction of our one-to-one initiative with the incoming Freshman Class of 2019 is the next step at the High School level as part of the  long-range technology plan.


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